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Designing Boldly: Who’s Afraid of….

PATTERN PLAY? People are often worried that pattern play—that is, combinations of patterns in a single room or within a single sightline—will appear busy or clash. And it’s true: There is a right way and a wrong right to mix

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Why do I need an interior designer for my project?

You’ve hired a brilliant builder for your custom home project, and you’re thrilled: The firm’s portfolio is full of luxury homes that each reflect a different design sensibility, but all have exquisite details and a bespoke feel. Yes, your builder

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LOOK UP: Decorating the “Fifth Wall”

WE OFTEN SAY IT BECAUSE IT’S TRUE: No textbook can immerse us in history and art like travel can. Travel saturates our senses and invigorates our minds and imaginations—as Duet principal Devon Tobin experienced this fall when she traveled to

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Butler’s Pantries: the New Powder Rooms

Even if you’re a casual interior-design enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the idea that powder baths are an area of the home where designers and homeowners often go for the boldest, quirkiest, or edgiest décor elements: the funky wallpaper, the statement mirror,

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