Luxury Interior Design in Boulder.

Duet Design Group has been one of Colorado’s most desirable interior design firms for more than 15 years, celebrated for luxurious interiors tailored to each client’s lifestyle, goals, and preferences.

Our team loves to work for Boulder clients, who are often eager to respond to the area’s distinctive topography and personality when building or remodeling their homes or offices. Boulder’s proximity
to the Flatirons and the area’s beautiful city planning—as well as its many historic homes and buildings—give Duet’s designers a shot of unique inspiration.

We’re excited to partner with many of Boulder’s most talented architects and builders. Together, we craft high-end projects that respond to the city’s surroundings and deliver on clients’ distinctive preferences and definitions of beautiful interiors.

Living room project from Duet high end interior design boulder

Interior Design Services in Boulder.

Duet Design Group works across the Front Range, from Boulder to Colorado Springs and into the state’s mountain resort towns. Our portfolio of interior-design projects demonstrates the ways we meet and exceed each client’s expectations.

Duet Design nailed our style and the final product was simply amazing! It’s pretty incredible how they were able to utilize a questionnaire, a fabric quiz, and general observations about how we live to create a warm and inviting, yet cohesive and unique home that is reflective of us. And not only are they great with design and style; they run an efficient, client-focused business: (1) organized and communicative – Duet provides a high level timeline at the start of the process, and they stick to it! They stay on top of situations as they arise and communicate updates in a timely manner; (2) excellent service – solutions-oriented with thoughtful responses to any questions, and always willing to go the extra mile; (3) excellent relationships with vendors who know their craft well – the teams they bring into your home are professional, courteous, respectful, and efficient. We would highly recommend Duet Design!

—Client Testimonial


Duet is a full-service residential interior design firm, which means we provide everything from architectural review of plans to art consultation for our clients–to ensure homeowners get everything they need to achieve
their dreams for their home. Our collaborative approach with architects and contractors ensures clients enjoy a smooth journey along the road from concept to completion.


Duet is a preferred partner for architects and developers in Boulder because we have technical expertise–in such areas as CAD renderings, budget management, and design concepting–and creative mastery. For commercial clients, we have created unique office interiors that reflect the company’s brand down to the last light fixture, and we’ve also designed identical units for multifamily developments.

Duet project offering residential and commercial design for boulder
residential interior design project for Boulder

Why Choose Duet Design for your Luxury Interior Design in Boulder?

We guide clients through our tailored process, which helps them define their styles and goals for the project, whether it’s residential or commercial. Based on these results, we craft a fresh design for each project; there are no pre-programmed algorithms or pre-packaged ideas here. Each project is a new opportunity for us to create a space perfectly suited to the client. We invite you to review our portfolio for inspiration on your new Boulder interior design project!

If you like what you see, contact us to start the conversation about your Boulder home or office here:

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