Primary Bath Remodels: Where to Splurge & Where to Save

Our interior designers’ SIX BEST TIPS for where to invest in your luxury bath remodel:

1. Don’t be trendy!

If you really can’t resist the latest design fad, indulge in art or wallcoverings or lighting that satisfies that desire—but when it comes to plumbing, fixed finishes, and layout, opt for timeless classics. They’ll last for decades without looking dated.

2. Invest in your layout.

The right placement and flow of the primary bath is the key to making it look and feel good. Small tubs are unappealing; too-large showers feel cold; insufficient storage leads to constant mess on the countertops. Before you start dreaming about finishes and fixtures, ask a designer or architect to help you determine if the bathroom layout could be improved. (Hot tips: A primary-bath shower should comfortably fit two adults. Prioritize a right-sized shower, even if it means you must skip having a tub.)

3. Splurge on plumbing fixtures.

You want a high-quality shower head, faucets, and toilet. These are elements that make the master bath’s functionality pleasant and high-performance. Trust us: You can feel the difference between a gorgeous, highly engineered Waterworks faucet and a fixture that’s low-market.

4. Save on tile!

There are very good tile options that aren’t brand-name and that look and feel as good as the higher-cost options. Ask your designer about ideas for pretty installations or creative patterns that can add a bespoke feel to off-the-shelf subway tile, for instance.

5. Choose mid-range mirrors and lighting.

(unless you have your heart set on a high-end brand): What matters most with fixtures like mirrors and lighting is proper placement and size (which are all made possible with a great layout).


If you really want a splurge-y fixed finish, indulge in high-end flooring in front of the vanity (which you usually see the most and where you spend time standing to get ready).

A primary bath retreat that is looks gorgeous and functions beautifully is an investment in your well-being and in the value of your home. If you’re searching for inspiration, we invite you to discover our residential portfolio and follow us on Instagram!

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