Why do I need an interior designer for my project?

You’ve hired a brilliant builder for your custom home project, and you’re thrilled: The firm’s portfolio is full of luxury homes that each reflect a different design sensibility, but all have exquisite details and a bespoke feel.

Yes, your builder executed much of those details—and it’s likely (very likely) that an interior designer dreamed up the human-centric function and beauty of the spaces you love.
You can think of a designer, a builder, and an architect as the trifecta of beautiful homes.

At the heart of a designer’s job is understanding how a space influences the people who occupy it. In essence, she creates the human-centric experience of a home or office.

Designers work in tandem with builders, but they each do different tasks: Designers craft the details of the space, considering functionality, building codes, materials, and clients’ style and lifestyle, while builders bring those details to life (while also taking into account materiality and building codes). Builders aren’t experts at sourcing materials or helping clients discover the aesthetic details that make them most at ease, and designers aren’t experts at ensuring a home’s systems integrate perfectly behind-the-scenes or coordinating the dozens of subcontractors who contribute to bring a building project to life.

Designers know the manufacturers and design houses that offer distinct styles through fixtures and details you can’t find with a google search or an Instagram algorithm. They know how the placement of furnishings in a space affect the flow of the room, and how layers of lighting will change the feel of a home or office. Designers consider, on behalf of the client, the interior architectural elements and finishes that contribute to the overall experience of a building or room. And we manage budgets alongside contractors as we source materials and help clients understand how to allocate funds toward their stated aesthetic and functional goals for the spaces.

A good designer won’t just ask how you want your home or office to look; he’ll ask how you want it to feel and function.

A space is most beautiful when it’s pleasing to all your senses and makes your life easier and more enjoyable. It’s a gift to get to shape people’s lives in this way—and if you’re on the search for an interior-design firm to shape your home or office into a space you love, we’d love to chat with you.

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