Let There be Light

As our tans start to fade and the days get shorter, we begin to feel the effects of the sun disappearing from view. This seasonal change impacts our melatonin levels and the way we relate to our spaces. We feel the sun’s influence everywhere which is why natural light is such an essential component of … Continued

Window Treatment Tips

Through the looking glass You just moved into your new home, took your time putting each and every room together. You chose the couch, the rug, the light fixture, the accent pillows. So why does it still feel unfinished? As the sun hits your eyes, so does the realization that you forgot about window treatments. … Continued

That tickle in your nose can only mean one thing, spring is here. The days are getting longer, and we can almost taste normalcy again. It is time to peel ourselves away from the shows we’ve been binging for the past 14 months and experience your home again. While the Colorado snow melts giving way … Continued

It’s that time of year again – days are getting shorter, the air is getting crisper, and we’re falling back into routines (and sofas). This month we’re also especially drawn to all things dark and atmospheric, which naturally includes saturated color. We’re sharing some advice from the Duet Design Group design team about how to … Continued

How To Design the Perfect Room

5 Steps to Design the Perfect Room   The steps below outline our approach for designing the “perfect room”. While different types of spaces often have diverse steps, for example a bathroom or kitchen, this overview provides a general idea of how our company begins to tackle a project.   Step #1: Determine the Space’s … Continued

How To Remodel A Kitchen

  3 Reasons why you should remodel your kitchen It’s cliché, but truly the kitchen is the heart of a home. It is honestly the space that we spend most of our time with family, friends or ourselves. It’s a personal place for everyone that lives in the home. When a client comes to Duet … Continued