denver colorado interior designer natural light blog living room design
denver colorado interior designer natural light blog living room design

Let There be Light

As our tans start to fade and the days get shorter, we begin to feel the effects of the sun disappearing from view. This seasonal change impacts our melatonin levels and the way we relate to our spaces. We feel the sun’s influence everywhere which is why natural light is such an essential component of interior design. denver colorado interior designer natural light blog living room design

Energy Efficiency

As fall creeps in, we all know what follows. No, it is not pumpkin spice lattes. With the cooler weather comes higher energy bills. When natural light is accessible, the space holds onto that warmth, which keeps energy bills down even amidst sweater weather. Solar panels are another option that takes full advantage of the sun’s second identity as a power source. The more we can utilize the earth’s natural offerings rather than create alternative methods, the happier our home and health will be.

The Happy Effect

Sunlight not only gives us a loving glow but also is medically proven to boost our mood. The rays are known to trigger the release of the hormone serotonin, which is a natural mood enhancer. Darkness can alternatively leave us depleted of serotonin which is an attributing factor of seasonal depression. Making sure that the home holds more light can make the winter months seem far less daunting. denver colorado interior designer natural light blog living room design Bathing in the natural light that enters the home sounds like a romantic idea, but what happens when the sun declines the invitation? Though the winter forecast is known for clouds rolling in, all hope is not lost. While your room will not mimic Palm Springs, it is possible to trick the body into enjoying the sun’s sensation without those warm orange rays streaming through the window. Here are a few ways you can get your home LIT.
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I’m Glossy

Mirrored and reflective surfaces bounce the light you do get around the room, which is one of the easiest ways to enhance any sun that sneaks in. Reflective accessories will also serve this exact purpose, giving the feel of more light than is present. Add a gloss or sheen to your décor whenever possible. denver colorado interior designer natural light blog entry design

Keep it Light

Avoid dark saturated colors which absorb light. Instead, opt for brighter tones which will help reflect the sun around the space. This swap should be a rule of thumb for not only paint colors but furniture selections as well. The room will not only get a sense of levity but also appear more significant.

Empty Sills

If items are blocking the windows, clear them away, so nothing obstructs the sun. This unimpeded space will allow more light to enter as well as diminish dark shadows. Keeping all furniture around the windows low will also help. denver colorado interior designer natural light blog living room design

Be Bulb Conscious

As basic as it sounds, employing proper artificial lighting can work wonders for creating the illusion of sunlight in a space. When looking for bulbs, we only specify “warm white.” This temperature provides a much softer, glowy white rather than “bright white,” which is very harsh and whose artificial look is glaring…literally. As we prepare for fall and bid adieu to summer, we can find solace in remembering that we can keep the sun shining even through the darkest days. Photos contained within blog are not necessarily Duet Design Group projects.

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