guest bedroom headboard
guest bedroom headboard

Gussy Up Your Guest Room: 6 Expert Ideas & Essentials

Nothing says, “We’re so glad you came to visit!” like a guest room that looks and feels inviting. Maybe you’ve never dreamed of running a B&B, but you can aim for that residential hotel-room aesthetic—a combination of pulled-together loveliness and cozy touches that make it easy for your guests to relax.

Duet principal and founder Devon Tobin is a genius when it comes to fluffing up and decorating her guest room so that visitors know she thought of them well before they showed up. Here’s how she does it:

How to Decorate a Guest Room? Ideas & Essentials for your Guests

1. Pay attention to the furnishings.

Don’t let your guest room become the “stop and drop” spot for discarded pieces you don’t want to use elsewhere. Fresh and simple furnishings (and a good mattress) don’t have to be expensive, but they offer a serene backdrop for details that make the room cozy.

2. Make the bed beautiful.

If you are looking for guest room bed ideas, Devon loves the coverlets and duvet covers from Parachute in linen: The fabric is luxe and wrinkly, so guests feel like they can enjoy the bed (and not treat it like a starched shirt!). Pair the linen top layer with percale sheets from sustainable brand Coyuchi (they’re like butter!), and you’ve got a recipe for your guests’ best night sleep. (Bonus points if you provide a silk pillowcase for female guests!)

3. Make it easy to get into bed.

Look, we love decorative pillows, but instead of piling the guest bed with them, create a bedscape that’s turned down, like the service you get at a luxury hotel. Nobody enjoys trying to figure out what to do with your 15 favorite throw pillows before climbing into bed, we promise.

4. Tend to the nightstands.

Put a carafe of water and a pretty glass on each nightstand (especially here in dry Colorado), and pop a docking station of iPhones and Apple watches on the tables, too—so nobody has to search behind furnishings for an outlet.

5. Invest in blackout shades.

They give your guests the chance to sleep in! Plus, most of us don’t sleep often (or ever) in our guest rooms, so we don’t know how the sunlight hits the room in the morning. Play it safe and give your guests the choice about how light or dark they want their sleeping space.

6. Stock the shelves or drawers.

Ample folded towels in plain sight are a gift to guests (who don’t really want to rummage through closets to find clean linens), as are extra toiletries. Splurge on luxury brands if they offer smaller sizes of body wash or shampoo; the little indulgence will be a treat to your guests.

By taking the time to gussy up your guest room, you convey to guests that you care about them and the experience they have in your house. You say, “We thought of you long before you showed up, and we prepared a space for you”—and isn’t that what we’re all hoping for this holiday season, a place to feel like we belong?

So whether you’re a guest or a host, we hope you find delight in the spaces you prepare and share with the people you love.

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