Multi-Family Design

Multi-family and apartment Interior Design Service

No matter the size or number of units in your multi-family or apartment complex, our team of Denver interior designers can bring the aesthetic together. Whether you are looking to streamline the design into identical units, or are hoping to give each space its own personality, Duet Design Group can transform any size of project. 

When it comes to designing such large scale projects, such as multi-family dwellings, we understand the time and commitment that comes along with it. Designing a space where hundreds of people will be habitating versus a single family home comes with very different and often much larger design variables. Having designed many multi-family buildings, our top Denver interior design team is more than capable and prepared to take on such grand projects.

The initial design process for a multi-family unit looks vastly different than if we were designing someone’s personal home. We will work alongside an investment or development company to determine everything from budget planning to design concepts. We will also connect with the builder or architect on the project to gather all related floor plans and drawings so we can input all measurements into a 3D drafting software. This will enable us to view the space both in an aerial perspective as 2D, as well as 3-dimensional. Having these measurements is vital in helping us space plan precisely and without error.


Design Implementation

When it comes to the next phase of selecting furniture, fixtures, art and decor, we select from different sources than we would when designing a residential space. These items all have to be durable as well as purchased in “bulk”. All selected items have to be able to withstand constant use and wear without showing it. This can also be a tricky process, as we don’t want any of the multi-family spaces we design to look too “contract” or “plain”. This is where we implement the concept of “resimercial” – while the products selected will be of commercial quality, the space will have residential-inspired features to create a more comfortable, inviting and thoughtful design. 

Our installation process will work very similarly to our other types of design projects. We will work with a receiving warehouse and installation company to store and deliver all purchased items. They will take care of placing and putting together all items. We will also likely hire a professional art installer to hang art since there will be more items than typically in a home. By the time we are done with the installation of the full design, we will bring in a cleaning crew to make sure the entire space is spotless for the final walk-through.

multi family interior design
multi family interior design 2