Duet Design Group Commercial Interior Design Services

Your Ideal Commercial Collaborator.

Duet is a favorite interior-design partner for Colorado architects and developers because we’re both technical in our approach — handling everything from budget planning to design concepts and 3D drafting — and creative in our designs. Many of our clients are seeking what’s informally called “resimercial” design — an aesthetic that feels comfortable, inviting, and thoughtful, like a home, but is achieved via products selected for commercial use.

Whether you are looking to streamline a design to create identical units in a multifamily complex or create a one-of-a-kind office space that uniquely reflects your business’s brand and culture, we’re the collaborators you need to achieve the results you want.

Commercial Interior Design Highlights

You & Us

a perfect duet

Duet approaches each design project with open hands and fresh eyes, ready to use our expertise to create something new.

Our process dives deeply into what our clients love and how they live. There are no economies of scale to what we do, no pre-programmed algorithms or shortcuts. We craft each space to exude luxury, comfort, joy, and function as each client defines them.

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