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Commercial, Restaurant and Hospitality Interior Design Service

Duet Design Group can assist you in redesigning your corporate office, restaurant, hotel or any other commercial space. From signage to common areas and across office suites, we will help you create a seamless environment that aligns with your company’s brand and vision.

As a full-service interior design firm, we will take care of all details pertaining to your redesign or remodel. This means that the only thing you, as a client, would be responsible for, would be telling us what you desire out of your new design. Whether you are looking to transform your commercial or corporate offices, or even a restaurant or hotel, we’ve got the experience and design capabilities.

Very similarly to the way we would approach designing a personal home, we will begin the design process with an in-depth programming meeting. This meeting will cover everything from discussions on what you love and what you dislike, to how you function in your current space and would like to function in your redesigned/remodeled space. We will also take full measurements and inventory of the existing space, if there is one. If we are dealing with a new build, we will get such measurements from the architect or builder that you choose to work with. Having this information will give us the opportunity to input this information into AutoCAD, a drafting software, which will let us space plan precisely.

Design Implementation

Once we’ve space planned the entire area, we will begin to select the furnishings, fixtures, art and decor that will fill your new space. This is where we will take into account all of things you and your team have identified as either loving or disliking, whether it be colors, textures, patterns, etc. While we will select furniture and finishes that can withstand the typical wear and tear of a commercial space, we like to design with a “resimercial” concept in mind. This means that our commercial work tends to have a more residential aesthetic to it – it’s more comfortable, inviting and thoughtful. We will have several meetings to determine whether what we’ve selected for your new office, corporate space, restaurant or hotel are approved by you and your team.

The final phase of our design process is implementation. We have a purchasing department that will take care of purchasing and tracking every item we have specified for your new design. They will work hand in hand with a receiving warehouse and installation company to be sure all items are reviewed and handled with care as they are delivered. This will be the same installation company that will deliver all items to your new space. They will help us place every item of furniture and every piece of art to be exactly as designed. Once everything is placed, we will do a final walk-through to be sure all items, down to the pillows and accessories, are in the correct spot.

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