The First Inside Stories

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In 2015, Devon and Miranda opened up the first Inside Stories franchise in Denver, Colorado to elevate their current Duet Design Group brand and expand their current interior design service offerings. 

Prior to opening Inside Stories by Duet Design Group, Devon and Miranda’s capacity to take on more projects hit a limit in 2014. They physically couldn’t fulfill the incoming demand for interior design requests. They were handing-off client leads left and right to other interior design firms in their network. Noticing this overwhelming interest for their own design, Devon and Miranda needed a solution to scale their current company and provide more services for the clients in need. 


Inside Stories by duet design group interior design denver colorado

The start of Inside Stories by Duet Design

Devon and Miranda both realized that they had a limited amount of hours during the week and clients wouldn’t wait months for their services. By launching Inside Stories by Duet Design Group out of the same Duet Design office in Littleton, Colorado, Devon and Miranda had the opportunity to retain and fulfill the flood of interior design inquiries that came in. They hired their first two designers and within months had a solution to handling all requests that both Devon and Miranda handed off. Today, Inside Stories by Duet Design Group has seven full time interior designers servicing the whole state of Colorado. 

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Are you interested in franchising an Inside Stories?

Inside Stories is the first scalable in-person micro design service in the market that can be a perfect fit for many interior design firms like Duet Design Group to add to their current offerings. It could also be a great opportunity for an independent interior designer to grow their own firm. Let us break down the benefits of Inside Stories and how it could be a great fit for you or your own firm. 


Expandable: As the demand comes in, you have the ability to hire more designers. In 2019, Inside Stories by Duet Design Group had three full time interior designers, today in 2021 we currently have seven full time designers and plan to hire more before the end of the year.


Efficient: Inside Stories has a defined proven process from initial request to finished product. Since 2015, Devon and Miranda have perfected the process and have found the perfect solution to make micro interior design services profitable. As an Inside Stories franchise owner, you get the support and all proven processes to make you as successful as Inside Stories by Duet Design Group.


Affordable: Having the ability to offer micro design services opens up the opportunity to take on a wider range of requests. Today, micro design is the undeniable future of design. More and more demand for single room or smaller interior design projects are common today. There is a rising demand for affordable design as well as a fast turnaround. With Inside Stoires, your firm will have the ability to take on these smaller projects and still make profit.


As an affiliate company to Inside Stories, we are currently helping to find the next Inside Stories location. If you are interested and want to learn more, visit to learn more.