Duet Design Group Office The commercial office space needs a rebrand before opening back up for business. It can’t stay vacant forever. A change will be needed to entice and gracefully ease the workforce back. Cubicles, white walls, open floor plans, etc. need to be reimaged. The majority of individuals that were sent to work … Continued

2020 is a year that we will never forget. It’s been abrupt, crazy, different and especially stressful. With all this stress, selfcare and overall wellness is needed more than ever. Not just personal health but the environment you live and work in need to help with your mental health.  Even before the pandemic, I’ve designed … Continued

With Halloween and darker days right around the corner, we’re currently enjoying all things dark, moody, mysterious, and atmospheric. Halloween decor is one thing, but we like when moodiness is more subtly incorporated into a space to create a long-term atmosphere of intrigue and drama. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite dark and moody … Continued

We recently sat down with Duet Design Group Project Manager Kate Rainwater to chat about her role, go-to inspirations, favorite design styles, and more. Read on for the full Q&A. Why do you think you decided to become an interior designer and what motivated you to get additional credentials after graduating from college? My interest … Continued

Experts weigh in on how the industry will evolve in a post-pandemic world What might the future of residential kitchen design look like post COVID-19 pandemic? Guest Feature by Caleb Tobin, AIA    Is COVID-19 another nail in the coffin for the open concept kitchen? I can’t be completely certain one way or the other, … Continued