Why Hire An Interior Designer

4 Real Reasons to hire an interior designer

We hear it all the time, “Why should I hire an interior designer? I can do it myself for far less money.” We aren’t here to tell you to spend more money, we want to help you understand why hiring a professional is the smarter choice.

Stop wasting your time and money

Reason #1

If time is money, then stop wasting money on the wrong paint. Have you ever picked a paint and painted a room and “oh no!” you didn’t like it? This is a serious expense and now you must go out and buy another $200 worth of paint. It’s not just the cost of paint but the time it took to paint the room itself. Obviously painting a room vs. hiring a designer hourly, might be the same cost, but if you’re the one spending your entire weekend painting and then repainting a room, it might be time to consider hiring a professional to help pick for you. This also goes for more than just paint, it can also be buying the wrong color rug, sofas are the wrong size, etc… the list is endless.


Complete what you started

Reason #2

Sometimes we walk into a client’s house and it looks amazing, but they can’t seem to get the room over the ‘Finish Line’. You designed it, you purchased everything, but something is missing. Hiring an interior designer can give you a full picture to help you finish what you started.


The True Cost

Reason #3

A designer can show you the big picture including the total cost, so you decide if it fits your budget. A great interior designer wants their clients to understand how much it will cost for their space to look the way they want.


Complete your space, don’t sprinkle

Reason #4

Shopping is fun, but not easy. “I spent $30,000 at Restoration Hardware and look at my house… the sectional sofas don’t fit and the light fixtures came in a million boxes…help!” This can be really frustrating after spending that amount of money. Additionally, it only looks like you ‘sprinkled’ new features all over your space and it doesn’t look like a completed design. An interior designer helps to figure out the best way to spend the money, so your space is complete and not just ‘sprinkled’.

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