Designing For Good: Warren Village

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Warren Village, a Colorado nonprofit that serves unhoused and unstably housed low-income, single-parent families with a holistic approach to transforming lives.

The organization provides affordable, transitional, private housing; parent services and advocacy, such as life-skills coaching, parenting classes, and financial counseling; and early education and child care and social-emotional support services through its Learning Center.

Duet’s team–both from Duet Design Group and Duet Build–began our work in the Learning Center by unpacking enormous storage rooms and organizing all kinds of supplies, from art supplies to clothing! We used our design and building savvy to make sure the storage rooms function for the kids’ teachers and leaders.


Duet designers will begin work on the large meeting space where the kids gather to learn and play. We’re honored to support such an important nonprofit in our community and excited to see up close how Warren Village transforms families’ lives!

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