Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado real estate is the most competitive it’s ever been. Project Whitewater Lane The real estate market in Colorado is beyond insane right now. It’s the most competitive we’ve seen, creating crazy historical bidding wars. Family homes in Evergreen and Sedalia are receiving offers 20 percent over asking price daily. … Continued

Duet Design Group Office The commercial office space needs a rebrand before opening back up for business. It can’t stay vacant forever. A change will be needed to entice and gracefully ease the workforce back. Cubicles, white walls, open floor plans, etc. need to be reimaged. The majority of individuals that were sent to work … Continued

2020 is a year that we will never forget. It’s been abrupt, crazy, different and especially stressful. With all this stress, selfcare and overall wellness is needed more than ever. Not just personal health but the environment you live and work in need to help with your mental health.  Even before the pandemic, I’ve designed … Continued

We recently sat down with Duet Design Group Co-Founder and Principal Miranda Cullen to chat about our company’s recent boom, the challenges of co-owning her own business, her partnership with Co-Founder and Co-Principal Devon Tobin, and why she thinks personal connection is so important in the interior design business (especially during a pandemic). Read on … Continued

What are the pros and cons between hiring a Design Build Firm vs. hiring a full service interior design firm? Design-build firms are a growing division in the construction and building industry these days. As the name suggests, the firms take care of both the design as well as the construction of a project. Here … Continued

How will you build your next restaurant? Predictions on post-pandemic restaurant design. It’s time to rethink restaurant design. Restaurants will be back, but they won’t look the same as they did pre-pandemic, and that is obviously a good thing. Safe distance table layout. Designated takeout counter space and entrance. Safe open kitchen layouts for customers … Continued

A Letter From Dev + M

NOW, MORE THAN EVER, IS THE TIME TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER   To our clients, friends, partners and family,   First off, we both want to thank you for your support. Thank you to all the front line heroes around the world who are tirelessly fighting and protecting us from the spread of COVID-19. Thank … Continued

Interior Design Ideas and Tips from Devon and Miranda Insights by Dev + M   Need new interior design inspiration to help bring life to your home? Devon and Miranda break down 11 simple tips to help you freshen up your stale look and add energy back into your rooms.   #1: Utilize the “smalls” … Continued