What is Micro Decorating and Why Is It Trending During a Pandemic?

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The Boom of Inside Stories and Micro Decorating During A Pandemic

Even during a global pandemic, we’ve been busier than ever with an influx of new design projects. Devon and Miranda recently talked with Architectural Digest Pro to share with them how interior designers like themselves are pivoting in the wake of COVID-19. It’s not simple to say that any interior design business is “recession-proof,” but willing to take “micro-decorating” or “micro-design” opportunities might prove to be recession-resistant.

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While our full-service approach to interior design with Duet Design Group may not be able to handle all small and quick projects that are requested, our affiliate company, Inside Stories by Duet Design Group, can. With everyone spending more time at home, they realize that their space doesn’t function the way they want it or are ready to finally start the home projects they’ve been putting off. With four in-house full- time interior designers under the guidance of Devon and Miranda, Inside Stories has the bandwidth to handle all size projects.

Since Inside Stories launched in 2016, we’ve been perfecting this new concept of micro-designing years before the COVID-19 pandemic.  From designing a handful of rooms in a client’s home to helping select a paint palette, we can handle all size projects and complete them within a few weeks. Before this concept, in the old world, interior design firms typically didn’t have the capacity to handle demand for smaller projects. Now with the ability to fulfill all size projects through Inside Stories, this opens up the availability to have a professional interior designer help with your project that you didn’t have available as an option before. In simple terms it’s the entry level product into the amazing world of interior design.

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See how Inside Stories is tackling micro-design:

Residential Design

Whether you are building a home, remodeling, or simply updating furnishings, Inside Stories has the capacity to take on any of these types of residential projects. From space planning and furniture selection to paint palettes and window treatments, let us help you bring your vision to life.

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Commercial & Hospitality Design

Inside Stories can assist you in redesigning your commercial office space, a restaurant or even hotel. From offices and suites to common areas and dining spaces – they can help you create a consistent and seamless design that aligns with your company’s brand and vision.

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Model Home Design

Are you a developer that needs help designing your model homes? Inside Stories has designed many model homes throughout the Denver Metro area. Whether it’s one model home or a full neighborhood, we have the capacity to take them all on.

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Accessory Shopping & Styling

Both at Duet Design Group and Inside Stories, we agree that a space is never fully completed without the “smalls”. With the implementation of art and accessories for your home, we can help take your space from 90% done to fully completed.

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Furniture Layout & Space Planning

Are you feeling like your home isn’t as functional as it could be? Perhaps you have all of the right pieces in your home, but your home just needs to be professionally space planned. Let Inside Stories come into your space and take full measurements of both your existing space and furniture pieces. With your vision they will develop a new space plan with either your existing items, a mix of existing and new items, or all new pieces of furniture. 

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Furniture Selection

One of the Inside Stories interior designers can help you find and buy any furniture, fixtures or equipment needed or desired for your space. If you want to take the full-service approach that they offer, the in-house purchasing department can help facilitate the buying and implementation process.

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Paint Palette & Color Consulting

Both teams at Duet Design Group and Inside Stories believe that a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in a space. Let one of our experienced interior designers help save you time and money by helping with making those decisions.

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Single Space Full Design

We understand that not everyone has the budget to redesign their entire home all in one phase, which is why Inside Stories offers single space designs. They can provide a full design for a single space that will still create a seamless transition to the adjacent spaces of your home. From a master bedroom that doesn’t function well to an outdated kitchen, the Inside Stories interior designers can design it.

Inside Stories by Duet Design Group. Denver, Colorado.

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