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Quality will Always Surpass the Test of Time

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If something stands the test of time in the world of design, it has stayed strong, beautiful and practical today as it’s ever had since it’s first use. At Duet Design Group this is one of our primary principles, a brand pillar with how we approach each design. When you design with quality, your space will always surpass the test of time.

After eleven plus years at Duet Design Group we have many examples of how quality surpasses the test of time. One great example which finally came to fruition last week after we photographed the home, is Project 7th Avenue Parkway. Project 7th Avenue started out with art and furniture from a previous Duet Design Project that was completed 9 years ago, Project 9th Avenue. Both projects are for the same Duet Design Group client who moved into their new home, 7th Avenue Parkway.

Their first home, Project 9th Avenue was a hodgepodge bachelor pad that the Duet Design Group team transformed into a polished Ralph Lauren-inspired design with bright colors and accent patterns back in 2012.

After they moved, Duet Design Group was re-hired to help with the new home.

The new home, a 1890’s Denver foursquare was transformed into a classically modern home using a good amount of furniture and art from their 9th Avenue home. Designing 7th Avenue Parkway with art and furniture in mind was no simple task, but a desired request from the clients.

Even nine years later, the furniture and art from their 9th Avenue home is still as relevant today as it has ever been. Here are some examples how pieces from our 9th Avenue project were used in the recently completed 7th Avenue Parkway home.

Duet Design Group Interior Design Denver Colorado

Chairs by Rooster Socks Furniture & Design
Fabric by Schumacher

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Chair by Rooster Socks Furniture & Design

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Art: Walker Fine Art: John Harris, Amarosus 2011

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