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Stop caring about interior design trends

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Interior design trends, in my mind, are often associated to a specific influencer who has decided on “what’s trending”, and the general direction a consumer should take with their space. But in my mind, it doesn’t consider how it works best in a specific space and among everything else that may already exist. 

When a client asks me “What’s trending Devon?” I’ve often considered the answer “Would you want a wardrobe filled with only items that were trending last year? Because if you do, you may have to purchase an entire wardrobe every year.”

I personally don’t like to call attention to design trends. Good interior design is not based on a trend, it’s based on what the client loves.  As a responsible designer, as space should be designed by what a client gravitates towards. We need to be designing to our client’s wants and needs and make sure the designs we produce are timeless.


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I agree, here is a great example. A white kitchen is not trendy, it’s classic. Once shiplap started trending on television in 2016 you couldn’t avoid seeing it in kitchens, bath, etc. Therefore, in 10 years, when we walk into a white kitchen with shiplap, we will all say, “oh you must have remodeled your home in 2016 or 2017.” It puts an automatic time stamp on the remodel.

My personal home was remodeled before we purchased, and it was classically done. I would have not known it was completed 20+ years ago. I knew it was outdated because of the wear and tear, but because it was designed without an obvious trend, I was unable to place an exact time frame to it.


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Today, it seems like every interior design photo that appears on social media, specifically Instagram, is white and fresh.  I feel like it’s trending because people are over stimulated by everything else going on in the world.  People gravitate to off-white walls and simple pallets because subconsciously, we find comfort with the simplicity.

At the end of the day, I would say don’t follow the trends, follow historically significant time frames or what appeals most and pull from those. If you lean towards a more mid-century look, don’t follow the trends of the Bohemian influencer, follow those classic lines of mid-century because it is less inclined to date. Or if you lean towards a more traditional aesthetic, don’t look at the traditional “what’s tending in 2020” blogs, review design magazines or classic design books from years past where items still appear amazing because they were well executed.

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