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Sophie Donelson, Editor of House Beautiful, on her “trade secret.”

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Sophie Donalson


Every once and awhile, you read something that resonates with everything you believe in.  That’s how we felt at Duet Design Group when we read Sophie Donelson’s “From Our Editor”  article in the April 2016 edition of House Beautiful.   The editor of one of the most influential interior design publications in the industry revealed her “trade secret;” she has a designer!  And why, one would ask?  After all, she edits the photos of the most beautifully designed homes and the stories behind the design and the owners all day long.  One would think she was an expert at everything “interior design.”   Not so, she admits.  Her exposure to the wonderful designers she works with on a daily basis only validated her decision to enlist the help of a professional.

“It’s funny to me that people who will readily hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, or hairstylist don’t automatically also sign on a design professional.  If you start your day in a home that functions flawlessly and brings you joy, then there’s less need for the rest.” – Sophie Donelson.

Donelson goes on to talk about the process of working with her designer and how the scope of the project changed, and became greater, once a level of trust and camaraderie was established.   “Why?  Because I started to live better…..she made shrewd decisions, as if she were spending her own money.”  The truth be told, designers are ordinary people, working and living our lives with an appreciation for treasured items, budgets, and functional spaces.   As professionals, we value our clients desires, needs, and wallets.  We strive to create environments that help our clients live happier and more satisfying lives in the comfort of their homes and encourage the appreciation of beautiful surroundings.


“Sometimes, a designer’s most valuable service is saving you from expensive mistakes.” – Sophie Donelson

There is so much talk in the interior design industry about the affect the internet and retailers are having on our profession.    For many of us, it has been both a blessing and a curse.  It has changed everything, from the products we specify, to the way we work with our clients. What remains constant, and what we can all agree upon as members of this most rewarding and creative industry – it is an invaluable and rewarding experience to work with an interior designer, no matter the means or the budget.

So thank you Sophie Donelson and House Beautiful for all you do for those of us who have chosen to do what we love for a living. As well as bringing to light the importance of what we offer as interior designers  in making this world a more beautiful place!!!!